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The Patuxent River Naval Air Museum is about to embark upon the most exciting adventure in its history.  The Patuxent River Naval Air Museum Association invites you to join the Museum and play an important role in this adventure.  The Museum seeks volunteers to tell the story of Naval Aviation reaching from modest beginnings and extending into an unknown future.


To date, the PRNAM is able to build exhibits, marshal aircraft, open its doors and welcome the public because of a roster of hard working volunteers.  Simply put, without these men and women who donate their time and talent, the PRNAM would be little more than a collection of vintage aircraft and avionic systems locked away in a distant hangar.

This museum is currently an official Navy museum dedicated to remembering that testing has always been done at Pax River.  The Museum has exhibits that represent the beginnings of Naval Aviation, right up to the present day.

The PRNAM Association seeks to increase the number of volunteers, especially as St Mary’s County initiates steps to construct a fine new facility to house the museum. To support this new facility, the Museum is upgrading current exhibits, designing new exhibits, and creating fresh and exciting programs.

The PRNAM Association’s objective is to make the PRNAM and it’s exhibits, a living place that will attract visitors and make them want to return.  To support the objective, The museum seeks all manner of volunteer help.  The museum needs: researchers, who like to validate information; designers, who understand how to create interactive experiences; craftsman and draftsmen, who can build and illustrate exhibits; experienced trainers, teachers, and parents, who have the knowledge and abilities to create inspirational displays; tour guides, who can relate the past to the future and any others who possess valuable skills related to the smooth functioning of a museum.

Public Programs are key elements to an exciting and active museum. The PRNAM will create and run a number of programs designed to attract and excite young people, adults, and especially retired people.  Volunteer knowledge and know how will enable the Museum to provide an interesting, fun, and exciting learning experience to continually attract visitors.

As a volunteer at the PRNAM you can live, learn, and experience creating the future from history.  PRNAM is revitalizing itself and your participation will make it happen.  

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