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From the Cockpit

From the Cockpit

Whew! The first “I want to build it” milestone for our new museum was successfully achieved. Bids were opened by the county Procurement Office on May 25. The county will evaluate the bids to determine compliance with State and Federal requirements. This will include determining which contractor submitted the lowest qualified bid and ensure that the bid amount is within the funding available to the county to execute this contract. We expect this process to be completed sometime in July, at which time a contract will be awarded if all contractual requirements have been met.

With the opening of a new museum building, the current museum facility will become part of an integrated

museum complex. We are beginning the daunting process of upgrading existing exhibits as well as planning for the exhibits to be housed in the new facility. This effort will be carefully coordinated to best use our combined exhibit space as effectively as possible.

We plan to use up-to-date presentation technology and interactive exhibit features to explain to our visitors the roles that research, development, and testing have played in the evolution of U.S. Naval Aviation. Therefore, we are initiating a new capital campaign to raise funds to support these efforts. What I find really exciting is the

opportunity we have to equal or surpass the quality of exhibits I have seen and admired in other museums. Towards that end, what I would like to know is: What would create the most enjoyable and educational museum experience for you?

After reviewing the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum Association (PRNAMA) mission, the Board of Directors has adopted a new Association motto: “Launching Ideas . . . Recovering History!“ This capsule mission statement starts with the idea of launching and recovering aircraft, then adds the elements of inspiring curiosity and ensuring that the legacy of Naval Aviation flight testing is preserved.


Captain Arvid Forsman, USN (Ret.) President, PRNAMA 

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