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The A-1 Curtis Triad Pusher Prop, the first Naval Aircraft, was replicated in great detail by the Patuxent River Chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), Chapter 478. The Triad made its debut at Air-Expo 2011 aboard the Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland on September 3 and 4 2011. Immediately following this event, the non-flying aircraft replica was moved to the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum, which will become this authentic aircraft's permanent home. The Museum thanks the EAA for its most generous contribution.



The EAA Writes: After many years of pieces of aircraft scattered across three southern Maryland counties, final assembly of the Curtis A1 replica was completed around 8:30pm Thursday, September 1st, 2011, at a nondescript warehouse on the NAS Pax River base.  Disassembly started immediately that night and on Friday, the A1 was transported across the base to Hangar 101 for display during the Air Expo.  The A1 was reassembled and chapter display areas/booths were set up around the A1 on Friday.  Saturday and Sunday was the Pax Air Expo and I don't know what the crowd count will be, but it was probably one of the best Air Expo's I have seen at Pax and the crowd appeared huge.  Weather was great, air show was great, and the static displays were great.  Our EAA Chapter can be proud of its contribution to the Air Expo.  Chapter members worked tirelessly for two days to talk and distribute all the materials we received from HQ about the A1, EAA, Young Eagles, homebuilt aircraft, and all the other things we do in the chapter. Then the A1 was disassembled for the second time and transported to the Navy T&E museum after the air show on Sunday afternoon - finishing that event around 7pm.  Monday morning (Labor Day) a small team reassembled the A1 for the second time in four days.  Around 11am on September 5th, 2011, the A1 re-assembly was completed and the A1 now rests peacefully in the back corner of the Navy T&E museum, awaiting its new home in the new museum building coming in about two years.A big thank you goes to all the chapter volunteers, especially Tom Weiss and the A1 Build Team.


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