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Imagine driving a truck from St. Mary.s County to Calvert County across a solid ice pack. Imagine a rural life where batteries supplied limited electricity for lighting. Imagine party line phones operated from a citizen’s living room. Imagine feeding the cows and chickens before going to school. Imagine going to schools in a small building heated by a wood stove. Imagine an operating still secreted in the woods. Imagine regular illicit liquor delivery to Washington D.C. from St. Mary’s County. Imagine when a trip to Leonardtown was a major journey and Baltimore travel was reserved only for very special occasions. Imagine loading a boat full of summer tomatoes headed from Millstone Landing for a Solomons Island packing house. Immagine swimming in the summer, not only to cool off , but to get rid of chiggers. Imagine ice-skating on the frozen Patuxent River every winter. Imagine forming a Literary and Debating Society in the midst of Women’s Suffrage. Imagine having a Hollywood star such a Helen Hayes in your midst. Imagine being given a very short time to vacate your property before Government construction can begin. Imagine being offered far less than par value for your land.

Panelists at the First of the Naval Aviation Centennial Lecture Series

There is nothing imaginary about any of the above events to the children of Cedar Point prior to the advent of the Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md. In 1943. Six panelists who lived on or near Cedar Point shared these childhood memories and much more at the beginning of the year-long Naval Aviation Centennial lecture series at the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum. Sponsored by the Museum’s Education committee chaired by Barbara Ives, this event drew over 100 of the county’s history enthusiasts to hear the most entertaining and lively discussions. Dr. Julia King of St. Mary’s College moderated the event. Dr. King noted that the dialog would be summarized in the St. Mary’s College April edition of Slackwater. Phocus video also was on hand to capture the entire event in video. Sabre Systems sponsored the overall event. Johnny Cook prepared a 350 slide presentation showing the structures that occupied Cedar Point prior to the arrival of the navy. This slide show ran as guests filtered into the packed auditorium, which was decorated specifically for the event.

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