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The NAVAIR/NAWCAD EEO Office is sponsoring the ninth annual Diversity Poster Contest. This year’s theme is "Diversity in Our Community." This contest was created to highlight and promote an awareness of our diverse cultural population. Last year approximately 100 students from St. Mary’s County Public Schools took part in the Diversity Poster Contest. At a time when there is so much confusion and uncertainty in the world, young students can express optimism through their art that implies a brighter tomorrow for all of us. The contest also provides a wonderful opportunity to strengthen our community relations while promoting an awareness of diversity within the students of St. Mary’s County Public Schools. NAVAIR remains committed to helping children explore the interrelated themes of cultural diversity, respect, and appreciation of individual differences, and racial equality through community involvement. As always, we welcome the opportunity to celebrate our uniqueness, while recognizing our strength as a team and knowing that we all can make a difference.

This year students are asked to design an original poster depicting the 2012 contest theme, "Diversity in Our Community." Students who participate in the poster contest will be given the opportunity to express in words and visual arts what the theme, "Diversity on Our Community," means to them. Each entrant should use one or more of the following diversity terms in the title of their poster: equity, stereotypes, assumptions, bias(es), culture, multicultural, respect, appreciation, empathy, sympathy, unity, or peace. These diversity terms will be highlighted by St. Mary's County Public Schools during the 2012-2013 school year. 

Submissions were judged in November 2012 at the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum. Selected fianlists are depicted throughout this post.

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