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George McWilliams Naval Aviation in Space Mural Restoration Project

Thank you for your generous support of our mural restoration project over the past two years. Your donations have made all the difference in our progress. To date, we have collectively raised over $85,000 towards the mural’s conservation!

In July of 2020, the museum was awarded a grant for $47,000 from the Maryland Heritage Area Authority which, along with your contributions, will bring us closer to our goal.

The large 12′-20′ painting is now in the expert hands of Olin Conservation, Inc., and the Virginia-based team is hard at work restoring the mural to its original glory.

The George McWilliams mural is an important part of Pax River’s history and heritage. When we take action to preserve our heritage, we preserve our identity, honoring the culture and history unique to our area. We are proud of how far we have come in securing the care and conservation of this important cultural asset.

As we continue efforts to complete the restoration and undertake the installation of the mural within the museum, we need your support to help us cross the finish line in 2021. If you want to learn more about the project, please feel free to reach out at 301-863-1900 or send an email:  To donate, please follow the Go Fund Me link below.