Molly Boron

Meet Molly Boron, Captain, U.S. Navy

“Be prepared for any opportunity, work hard, have thick skin, be competent, have fun, and most of all, be a good teammate.”

  • Naval Aviator
  • NAVAIR Inspector General Office
  • Former Program Manager PMA 208 Aerial Target Systems
  • First Female Commander of the P-8 Squadron

Captain Molly Boron considers her time at NAS Patuxent River to be very challenging and rewarding. She describes her previous work with PMA-208 which strives to advance the fleet’s capability and develop technology as both fascinating and gratifying. Boron is proud to be a woman aviator and appreciative of the women that came before her. She knew she would stand out in a male dominated field and strove to excel. Boron feels that as long as you perform to the best of your abilities you will earn respect and be considered a part of the team.

Object of Significance

Navy female officer’s cover issued to Molly Boron. The Navy officially retired the combination- or “bucket”- cover in November, 2018, ending the 78-year run for the staple of the female officer and chief petty officer uniform. All female officers and chief petty officers are required to wear what is officially called the unisex combination cover which in appearance and fit is essentially the male cover used for decades.