Lisa Hobbs

Meet Lisa Hobbs, Petty Officer 1st Class, U.S. Navy

“Girls can do anything guys can do if you set your mind to it.”

  • Aviation Structural Mechanic (AM-1)
  • Specializes in hydraulics and repairs aircraft at phase intervals to return to Ready for Issue condition.

Hobbs recalls an early childhood infatuation with aviation which led her to the Navy. After finishing boot camp at Great Lakes, Hobbs was sent to Norfolk, VA to VAW-120, which was a RAG squadron for C-2 Hawkeyes and C-2 Greyhounds. Hobbs completed five deployments before beginning her shore duty at NAS Patuxent River. Hobbs appreciates the pace of shore duty in the Patuxent community which allows for more family time, helping her to pioneer and open doors for other women and single mothers to find success in the military. Her son shares her childhood infatuation with aircraft and she hopes to instill in him a sense of patriotism and the desire to be a part of something bigger than yourself.