Liz Wolter

Meet Liz Wolter, Photographer, Civilian

“To all the youth and young girls interested in any STEAM field, I would tell you to not only follow your passion but to never ever let obstacles get in your way. Your passion and resilience will sustain you through the lows and make the highs so much sweeter!”

  • First Female Flight Test Photographer at NAS Patuxent River
  • Captured the first flight of the X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System Program at NAS Patuxent River in July 2012.

Liz Wolter puts the A in STEAM by applying the arts to science and technology. Wolter grew up enjoying photography as a hobby. She earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Photography in 2006. When Wolter moved to Lexington Park, Maryland she assumed all photography jobs meant a commute to Washington D.C or Baltimore, but the lead flight test photographer at NAS Pax River saw her resume and a few weeks later she got the job. Aviation photography found Wolter and she is so glad it did. She loves the adrenaline that comes with snapping that perfect shot during a flight test. Wolter takes pride in knowing that she can capture tests in a way that data and charts can’t. Wolter knew that respect was more easily gained by most men in the field, and she was determined to prove she was capable and deserved to be in her position. Wolter’s work has received recognition not just locally but outside of the NAS Patuxent River community.